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Co-Ed 4′s Beach Volleyball League



Format is best 2 out of 3 with 6 weeks of regular season play and 2 weeks of playoffs.  Semi-competitive play, welcoming all levels of players. Must have 2 male players and 2 female players per team.  Registration offered as a team only! Individuals can contact kimberly.roscoe1225@gmail.com to be placed on a team.  Registration must be made prior to the first day of the league. There will be no late registrations taken at the beach. Once registered, please send e-mail to instructor for game scheduling. All levels welcome. 

Post league refreshments at Tower 12 with Mich Ultra, Bud Light, Jagermeister, Grey Goose, Cazedores, and 20% off food.

Instructor: Smackfest Events and Prank Monkey are the premier sports and social organization in the South Bay, working as a team since 2003, combining social fun, networking and competition with nightlife and sports on the beach. Email: smackfestevents@gmail.com

Location: Hermosa Beach, North Side of the Pier – Volleyball Courts


Co-Ed 4’s Volleyball Rules