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How do I register?

Registration will begin on 6/1 and will be by team or individual. We will post the link on our Facebook and IG page, as well as on this site on 6/1.

Team Captains: enter your team name, personal information, and friends you want on your court during the registration process. The waiver is built into registration this year. Please lock your team with a password and distribute the password to other team members so that they can sign up for your team.  Cost is $180/team

All other players: Your team fee includes 4 players. Additional players will have to sign up and pay a $25 fee.


What are the details for the Pro Division?

This year we will have $3500 in cash and prizes for the Pro Division.  We’ll take a max of 10 teams, who must have at least 1 girl on their team.  We’ll have 2 pools with 5 teams each.  Top 2 teams in each pool will advance to the semis and then the finals. We’ll have official refs for games, and prize money is as follows:

1st – $1500 cash + $500 prizes.

2nd – $500 cash + $500 prizes.

3rd – $300-400  in prizes.


Can I request to be on a court with another team?

You may request playing in a pool with friends – While we cannot guarantee it, we do our best to make sure it happens. However you must request the names of Team Captains only, since we only have contact info for the people who actually paid for a team.  If however your friend signed up early, like on June 1, and you signed up on June 10 (we expect to be close to sold out), it may be tough to get you together unless we put you on an outer court.


When will my court assignment be posted?  

Court assignments will be posted on on Friday, July 13.


How was my court assignment determined?  

Assignments were done based on the date in which the team captain registered. The earlier you registered, the higher the priority your team was given.


What will come in my team goody bag?  

Your team goody bag will include all kinds of freebies from our sponsors. Each bag will have “water bottles”, wristbands which will get you VIP entry at Sharkeez as well as the post party at the Deck and Standing Room, t’s, hats, and lots more from our wonderful sponsors (for the exact amount of people who paid). Also a pitcher coupon for Mich Ultra at Sharkeez.


Do I get a hat or a tee?

The first 50 teams to sign up will get a hat AND a tee!!  Everyone else will get a Smackfest tee.


What time is check-in and where?

It will be on Thursday from 6 to 8pm before the Team Captains Meeting at Sharkeez. If you cant make Thurs night, we can still check you in Sat. at 8-8:30 am.  Goody bags will be handed out to team captains between 8-8:30am on July 14th south of the Hermosa Pier.  We’ll have the Anthem sung at 8:45, and games start at 9am sharp.  South of the Hermosa Pier.


How do I sign up extra people to my team?

Each player must sign in once the captain has registered. Purchase an additional player ticket through the online registration system. Each team MUST HAVE 4 PLAYERS, but there is no cap on how many extra players you can have on a team after the core 4 players.


Does a Girl have to touch the ball during play?  

No, but for each team there must be at least 1 girl on the court at all times.


How many teams come out of each pool?  

With so many teams, only 1 team will come out of pool. Single elimination in the playoffs.


How do challenges work?  

In pool play Fun Division, each team will have a chance to do only 1 challenge per game.  No challenges in playoffs. The losing team can choose which of the challenges below they want.  Or negotiate.


What time does playoffs start?

We will close down pool play at 3:30, and playoffs will begin immediately after.


What are the rules?

See rules below.


Do I have to where a costume?

It’s not mandatory, but you will look pretty goofy being the only one not wearing one.



Single game to 21, win by 2, cap at 25, rally scoring (pool play will be terminated at 3:30 pm)

Start the game with a Rock, Paper Scissor (winning team picks side or serve, losing team picks alternate)

Teams must have at least ONE GIRL on the court at all times

Switch sides when one team reaches 11 points

Players must rotate –front middle must set, but back middle can hit

No jump serves UNLESS your team is down by 3/or more points OR someone tosses the ball for you

Only 1 deduction per game/team – LOSERS GET TO CHOOSE FROM #1 OR 2, OR CAN NEGOTIATE

– Bat Race – head on a pole, spin 3 times, and sprint from back line to net while the other team douses you – 3 PTS

– Sugar Cookie – Start at the back line, roll to the net while other team douses you – 3 PTS

– Negotiation Rule – you choose, but keep it in our event footprint.



Rock/scissor for serve and side

Rally Scoring, games to 21, switch 1 time on 11, win by 2, cap at 25

Must pass first ball over with arms, not hands


Loose on hand sets – indoor sets are ok

All players can hit

Dont need to rotate, and girls doesn’t need to touch the ball

We will have a ref on each court to explain rules

2 teams from each poll will make semis



1 team will pool out; single elimination in playoffs.  NO CHALLENGES!!

When finished with pool, circle winners, & deliver to Registration Tent.

Playoffs assigned by wins, the head to head, then points for.



All players must adhere to all City of Hermosa Beach Laws.

Anyone who is cited for drinking will be kicked out of the Tournament.

CLEAN UP THE BEACH WHEN YOU LEAVE PLEASE[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]