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·       5 innings, 2 base coaches, one base on an overthrow (unless the ball stays in play), forced outs, no ghost men

·       Max of 7 runs in 1 inning, however no max in final inning

·       Bunting is allowed

·       Fighting is not allowed or tolerated.

·       Each team will use their own pitchers and every kicker will have 4 attempts max. If you can’t put it in play after 4 pitches, it is an out.

·       The catcher, must start BEHIND the kicker’s box until the ball is kicked by the offensive player.

·       Maximum of 10 players (including catcher, no pitcher) on the field on defense at all times. Minimum of 4 girls.

·       When batting, must alternate boy, girl, etc.

·       Pitches must hit the sand within 3 feet of the release point of the pitcher’s throw.

·       Pitcher’s body as well as any other fielder can NOT go beyond the pitcher’s mound until the ball is kicked.

·       Pitches that hit a kicker or are caught by the kicker will automatically be counted as strikes. Kickers must avoid pitches they do not wish to kick in order for it to be a ball.

·       If the kicker fouls the ball off his/her leg (below the knees only) during an attempted kick, and a defender catches the tip behind the plate or anywhere else, it’s an out. Counts same as kicking a fly foul ball that is caught. Anything else is just 1 of 4 pitches.

·       Any ball that is kicked above the knee will be considered a dead ball and count towards the 4 strike rule

·       Runners are free to change course to avoid interference with a fielder making a play;

·       When attempting to avoid a ball tag, runners may move no more than 4 feet out of their established path.

·       Fielders must stay out of the baseline. Fielders trying to make an out on base may have their foot on base, but must lean out of the baseline. Runners hindered by any fielder within the baseline, not making an active play for the ball, shall be safe at the base to which they were running. Runners may choose to advance beyond this base while the ball is still in play.

·       Neither leading off base, nor stealing a base is allowed. A runner may advance once the ball is kicked. A runner off base when the ball is kicked is out (see Rule 14.02g).

·       Hitting a runner’s neck or head with the ball is not allowed, except when the runner is sliding. Any runner hit in the neck or head shall be considered safe at the base they were running toward when the ball hits the

·       A tag-up is a requirement to retouch or stay on a base until a kicked then caught ball is first touched by a fielder. After a tag-up a runner may advance. A runner failing to tag-up as required is out.

·       All ties will go to the runner.

·       Each game shall have two (2) participating teams: the Away team, which kicks first each inning, and the Home team, which kicks last each inning.

·       A game that is called off by the Referee after three (4) full innings of play shall be considered a regulation game. The game score at the end of the last full inning shall determine the winner.

·       Regulation games that end in a tie shall be marked as a tie.

·       Be advised that League managers can and will make game calls that we see with exception to the actual games that we are playing in (In those games we will act on rules enforcement only).

·       If there are any issues not settled with help of league managers, we will have the team captains come together and decide the call by rock-paper-scissors. Let’s get the games going!

·       With a brand new league, every once in a while, rules will be updated as gameplay issues are addressed to maintain the spirit of the league. Rule changes or updates are to the sole discretion of the league directors.