If you want to hit the volleyball harder, hit the gym. Not only will it help develop your jumping, abdominal, back and shoulder muscles which translate directly to being a better hitter, but it will help you to strengthen your bones and to avoid injury. Hitting uses almost all the muscles in your body, but your shoulder is the most vulnerable to injury from hitting repeatedly.

Make sure to include the row machine and reverse fly to help stabilize your shoulder. Strengthen your core with some sit ups. Your glutes. quads, hams and calf muscles are all involved in getting you in the air. Do some leg press, some leg extensions, leg curls and calf raises. A few lunges wouldn’t hurt you either.

Having a strong core is essential to getting better at all aspects of volleyball.  There’s more to just sit-ups … yoga is a great option, but our favorite are the Athletic Evolution and Bionic Circuit classes at Bionic Body on Hermosa Ave., in Hermosa Beach.  Many volleyball players we’ve talked with have seen a significant increase in their level of play after taking a few months of classes. We sought out BB to become a Smackfest sponsor because of the rave reviews from volleyball players … then we signed up ourselves and can speak first hand – it really works !!

p.s. they are offering a 2 week for $15 special when you enter code SMACKFEST at www.BionicBody.com.