We all remember our favorite childhood game we used to play at school. Whether it was red rover, tetherball or four square, we all had games we loved to play when that recess bell rang. There is one game, volleyball leagues Hermosa Beachhowever, that has always been widely popular among kids and that game is kickball. Even if you hated gym class, you know that you still loved the days when you played kickball as a class. Well, now your favorite childhood game has grown up, too. SmackFest isn’t just about volleyball. Although our coed volleyball leagues are extremely popular in the Hermosa Beach area, we also offer coed sand kickball leagues and we have 3 reasons why you need to sign up this summer:

Everyone Can Play

Playing kickball is all about having fun! Although the game requires you to kick a ball, that doesn’t mean you have to be a soccer superstar to play well. Everyone can kick a ball, which is what makes this game an appealing choice to anyone. While it can still be fun for teams to get competitive, the most important thing to remember about kickball is that you are supposed to have fun on the beach and spend time with friends.


As we mentioned before, kickball provides the perfect excuse to get out and spend time with your friends, as well as meet new people. Not to mention, that refreshing adult beverages are often a kickball staple. Whether they’re served during the game or during a postgame get together, nothing is better than sharing a couple of cold beers with friends!


Don’t you ever get tired of doing the same gym workout routines everyday? Kickball offers a fun and exciting way for you to get out and get a little bit of good ol’ fashioned exercise. Okay, so the beers and food might quickly counteract that exercise, but hey…exercise is exercise, right? Not to mention, you probably had a blast doing it, too.

Summer coed sand kickball starts on July, 22 so hurry up and register today!