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Hermosa Beach Volleyball Class – Info/Syllabus

Head Instructor – Bill Sigler:, 310-766-6084

Class Signup – … or, if after classes begin, call the Hermosa Beach Office at 310-318-0280. Or, visit them at 710 Pier Ave.

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Class info:
• Classes run for 6 weeks and are held south of the Hermosa Beach Pier.
• In order to move from beginner to intermediate, you need to be able to pass the serve consistently. To move from intermediate to advanced, you need to be able to pass, set and control your hits/shots.
• Sat. classes are from 9:30am-11am from Feb-Jun, then Sept-Nov. Thursday classes are from 6pm until the sun sets or 7:45pm (whichever comes first), March-Oct.

Schedule (for Beginner)
Week 1:
– Intro, Rules, Objectives
– Passing and Serving
Week 2:
– Level 2 – Passing, peppering, serving
Week 3:
– Passing tough serves
– Bump setting
– Intro to hitting
Week 4:
– Setting and Hitting
Week 5:
– Hitting and Defense
Week 6:
– Class Recap & Tourney

Schedule (for Intermediate)
Week 1:
– Intro, Goals
– Consistent Passing/Drills
– Serving – all + strategies
Week 2:
– Pass diff serves/Serve tough
– Setting – bump, hand
Week 3:
– Passing Drills
– Setting tough passes
– Intro to Hitting
Week 4:
– Controlled hitting+ shots
– Serve Rec., transition to hit
Week 5:
– Defense, then D to Offense
– Play coaches
Week 6: Recap, Tournament
Schedule (for Advanced)
Week 1:
– Strategies/Goals/Rules
– Ball Control – pass, serve rec.
– Setting – bump and hand
Week 2:
– Setting difficult passes
– Intro to hitting, mechanics
Week 3:
– Hitting – placement, shots
– Serving for Points!!
Week 4:
– Defense, strategy
– Blocking, strategy
Week 5:
– Offense to Defense
– Mental game
Week 6:
– Class Recap, Tournament