As many of you know, Bud Light has launched a new line of “ritas … they taste like a marguerita, but are made with Bud Light and other delicious stuff.

If you have attended the Thursday Night Volleyball Class that we hold at the Hermosa Pier, you’ve probably ventured into Sharkeez after class where Bill Sigler has fed you the Bud Light Strawb-A-Ritas and Rasp-A-Ritas out of the slushy machine … mmmm, 8.5% alcohol, but you cant even taste the booze.

The Cinco de Drinko Coed 4’s volleyball tournament, held at the Hermosa pier on 5/2 will offer you numerous opportunities to taste some of this “Nectar from the King of Cerveza’s” … as it will be a part of some of the tournament rules (but obviously you will have to drink them at Sharkeez … or The Deck ;).

Anyway, here is a new way to try the Lime-A-Rita …

Ingredients:  4-6 oz Lime-A-Rita, 2 oz Apple Juice, 1 oz Club Soda
Pour Lime-A-Rita & apple juice into a glass with ice – Add a splash of club soda – Garnish with apple slice.

Enjoy !!!