Alb started the NVL about 5 years ago, and has really developed a well rounded business model that we should support.  His company combines Pro level talent with youth programs for both indoor and outdoor, surrounded by a festive environment.  His Volleyball Vacations to exotic destinations have been allowing amateur players to compete with legends like Sinjin Smith, Sen Rosenthal, etc.

The NVL is bringing Pro Beach Volleyball back to Hermosa on 8/6-8.  Smackfest may be there as well to host a Coed 4’s tournament surrounding the event, as well as a post party for everyone that is sure to be a blast.  More info to follow !!

p.s.  The NVL’s official volleyball, made by Mikasa, is the official volleyball of Smackfest.  We offer these balls out as prizes for all our events.  Its a fantastic ball – I like it alot more than the Wilson AVP.  If you’d like to buy some for 50% OFF ($25), CONTACT