Here are some strategies to consider:

Serve to the person that is the worst passer – If a person cannot pass the ball well, their offense will struggle from the start. Serving to someone that is a weak passer will result in some quick and easy points.

Serve to the person that is the worst hitter – This beach volleyball strategy focuses on the concept of playing defense to win the point. If there is a weak hitter, that means that it will either be easier to block the ball, or to not block at all and just dig the ball. The point is if they cannot get the kill, then it will result in some easy points.

If one of the players is not a good setter, serve to their partner – Force the weaker setter to set the ball. It will result in a weaker offense and a ball that will be difficult for the hitter to hit.

Communication with your partner is a must – Does your partner know where you want them to serve it? Do they know if you are planning on blocking line, ball, or not blocking at all? When the ball is served in the middle of you both, you have to communicate to make sure that the team is running smoothly. Do not assume that they know, or that they are going to play the ball. Call it out and be clear about it.

You can also use hand signals to handle some of this communication. This is a MUST for your beach volleyball strategy. If you need a refresher on how to use hand signals, click here for the hand signals explanation.

When playing as the back row player that isn’t blocking, read the hitter’s shoulder and arm swing– In most cases, the hitters are going to power the ball through the direction that their shoulder is facing. Watch the hitter when they are in the air and line up to play defense in the path that their shoulder is facing.

Also, you must watch for the roll shot. Since open handed tipping is not allowed, watch for the roll shot over the block. Usually when the hitter is doing the roll shot over the top of the block, they will slow down their arm swing to control the shot. When you see this, start moving to get back behind the block.

Every now and then, it is a good beach volleyball strategy to serve the ball in the middle of the two players – If a team is not communicating well, it can be a very easy point to serve the ball between the two of them. Every now and then, they will both assume that the other person is going to pass the ball and it will result in a service ace.

These beach volleyball strategies can be the difference between winning and losing. Make sure you stay focused on the fundamentals that will help you win the game.