The two man game of professional volleyball has always gained the most hype and popularity, but why isnt the four-person game right up there as well?  You have alot more rally’s in 4’s … the action is greater, amazing athletes, more advanced strategies since you can set multiple players, and players can specialize allowing the best players to do what they do best.  For instance many taller volleyball players dont set consistently well.  Look at the indoor game … there is a reason why Lloy Ball set and didnt play outside, or why Clay Stanley hammered and blocked balls and wasnt a libero.

Smackfest hopes to bring the best indoor and beach stars to the sands of Hermosa for one of the top 4-person volleyball events in the world.  The best volleyball players in the world (that arent playing in World Cup or FIVB that weekend) will do what they do best, vying for $$3k in cash and $2k in prizes to see who really is the best 4’s players on the beach.  Smackfest introduced the Pro 4’s division in 2012, which drew players like Holly McPeak, Mike Lambert, and Jose Loiola.  The finals was a who’s who … Albert Hannemann, Lambert, Casey Patterson, Brittany Hochevar, Matt Feurbringer, etc.  We are hoping to get similar caliber of players this year, only maybe with a few indoor stars with Olympic Gold medals.

And looking past Smackfest, how much fun would a Pro 4’s tour be if there was a similar event in Chicago, Austin, Vegas, etc.??  Well, stay tuned … that may happen.