Some players take serving for granted … however if your goal is to win, strategic serving is key.  In a close game to 21, a few bad passes could mean the difference between success and failure. By serving tough, you can make it much more difficult for your opponent to run their offense.  Tough serves can create free ball situations that allow your team to build confidence passing and executing offensive plays.  A team that serves really well can frustrate even the best teams.

There are 2 types of serves – the Floater and Top Spin.  Float serves are tough to pass because the ball dances in the air making it tough to judge where exactly the ball is going. This is especially true on the beach where the wind can sometimes play havoc for passers. A top spin can be tough to pass because the ball will drop much faster than a float serve.

Besides how to serve the volleyball, a second key factor in serving for points is WHERE to serve the ball.  In Bill Sigler’s advanced classes, he and his instructors teach how to serve all zones on the court, or in laymen’s terms, all four corners as well as middle.  Short and deep floaters will make your opponents have to pass a knuckle ball while moving to get to the spot … vastly increasing the chances for errant passes.  Also tough float serves down the middle will sometimes cause the “hubby-wife” miscommunication, leading to aces and shanks.

So if you are playing in the Cinco de Drinko/Smackfest tournament on 5/2 at the Hermosa Pier, or in the Hermosa Beach Thursday or Saturday volleyball classes, try these strategies out.  Cya on the beach !!