volleyThe days are getting chillier and the volleyball season is coming to a close. If you and your friends never had the chance to join the league, but you’re ready to start practicing for next summer, Smack Fest has the perfect place for you to do so! Our beach volleyball classes on Hermosa Beach start October 17th, and we’d love to help you get ready for our fun and competitive volleyball leagues.

Volleyball is quickly becoming one of the most fun ways to keep active while spending time in great company. Smack Fest aims to do just that when we start our leagues every year. Joining a league is a great way to get a good workout too! Smack Fest has created a list of some of the health benefits that participating in volleyball has been found to have.

You burn calories & fat when you play a competitive game of volleyball. Between the running and the jumping your body is working incredibly hard, add the warmth of the beach and a little friendly fire and your body will be burning hundreds of calories per game.

Volleyball tones and shapes your body each and every game. Your arms and shoulders are constantly being used when managing the volleyball, but your legs get just as much attention as they run and squat in the court.

Each volleyball game requires a hefty amount of hand-eye coordination, especially if you’re a competitive player. Since this skill is so heavily required in a game of volleyball, you are sure to notice an improvement in your hand-eye coordination outside of the game too.

Aside from all the physical health benefits, volleyball improves interpersonal skills. Whether it be lessons or a league, or even just a pick up game, you rely heavily on your teammates during a competitive game of volleyball. Join one of SmackFests volleyball leagues and strenghthen your relationships with your closest friends through friendly competition.

It’s not too late to get in on this year’s volleyball season, and it’s never too early to start preparing for next year’s volleyball league! Join Smack Fest at our volleyball classes on Hermosa Beach October 17th. Expect a good workout and a better time!