In our most recent blog, we discussed a few of the important volleyball terms every volleyball player should be familiar with. For those of you who are new to this sport hermosa beach eventsbut are interested in participating in one of our Hermosa Beach volleyball events, we thought we would briefly go over the different volleyball positions.

A typical volleyball team has six players. Three players are positioned in the back of the court while the other three players are positioned in the front of the court up by the net. While there are 6 players, there are five main positions that these players fill.

Middle Blocker

As you might have guessed, the middle blocker is positioned at the net in the middle of the two outside blockers. While on defense, the primary job of the middle blocker is to block the opponent’s hitters. On offense, the middle blocker may hit sets, as well.

Outside Hitter

An outside hitter is a player who covers the front left side of the court. On defense, the outside hitter blocks the side of the court. On offense, this person is a main hitter or passer and should have solid ball handling abilities.


The libero plays in the back row and they are primarily a defensive player. The libero is typically a skilled digger and does everything possible to keep the ball in play and keep the other team from scoring a point.


The setter is in charge of the offense on the volleyball court. The setter decides who gets the ball and when and they set the ball up so the other player can deliver a good hit.


The opposite plays in the front row, opposite the setter. The person in this position is responsible for blocking the opponent’s outside hitter. This person is typically a very solid blocker.