Are you tired of doing the same old things day in and day out? Are you looking for new and exciting activities and opportunities? SmackFest Events offers young beach volleyball tournaments hermosa beachprofessionals the chance to get out and enjoy the lifestyle that is unique to So Cal. We are dedicated to helping young adults enhance their lives and meet new people through athletic events and activities. At SmackFest, we are all about having some fun in the California sun. From kickball tournaments to beach volleyball tournaments at the popular Hermosa Beach, we have fun summer activities for everyone!

The very first SmackFest coed volleyball tournament was held at Manhattan Beach and only had about 40 participants. Since then, this event has significantly grown and now there are thousands of participants, as well as spectators, every year. SmackFest has promoted dozens of parties and events where young people can gather and have some fun while playing a sport. This event has grown so much that our founder, Bill Sigler, has even started teaching volleyball classes to help these young athletes build and enhance their skills.

SmackFest is about much more than just volleyball tournaments or other events. We want to help people build strong friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime. While our goal is to have fun, it is also to help bring fulfillment back to the lives of young professionals through athletic activity.

So go out and get some sand in your shorts! You can sign up for any of our SmackFest events, volleyball leagues, or classes online.