Smackfest Events is proud to announce our new partnership with Electric Sky Wine in 2017.  4 Glasses. 1 Stack. 750mL of Premium Wine. It’s the most convenient wine ever – no need to bring a big bottle to the beach anymore.  These awesome tasting wines come packaged in 4 little glasses that fit together to form 1 bottle, but when broken apart, fit perfectly into a cooler, purse, etc.  They presently offer Rose, Pinto Grigio and a Red Blend, with a Moscato coming soon.  Recently launched, the decided to make the South Bay one of their national areas of focus, which makes sense since we love to party!!

We are running specials at Sharkeez now, but you will be able to get Electric Sky at liquor stores and retail stores throughout the South Bay (like Ashleys, Green Store, Roberts Liquor, Mickeys, etc).

Check out their Summer Giveaways too – you’ll have a chance to win a trip to once of the numerous summer events they are involved in –