Smackfest, on July 18, would be enough for anyone … its become a huge event with lots of logistics/moving parts.  The largest coed 4’s volleyball tournament takes over the south side of the Hermosa Pier for a day, with 35 courts (28 of them we install on Friday and remove Sat. night!!), sponsor tents everywhere (Bud Light, Red Bull, Dicks Sporting Goods, Kind Snacks, Barefoot wine, and lots more), a sounds system The Staples Center would be proud of, and tons of hot guys in boardshorts and girls in bikinis playing volleyball, performing challenges, and having a blast !!

But we didnt stop there … no, we decided to make that week even more nuts by starting the Coed 4’s Volleyball League on Tues 7/21.  Oh, and then the Coed Sand Kickball League the next night.  And if that wasnt enough, the Hermosa Volleyball Classes start the next night !!  Geez, what were we thinking ?!#@  All held at the Hermosa Beach pier – What a week for the South Bay.  I think we’ll need a vacation after that week.

To signup for the above, visit the Leagues or Classes pages.  Cya on the beach !!

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