Smackfest Events, as always, flys a little off the radar during the Holidays (we hope you had a great one) !!  2014 sure was eventful … besides having the best Smackfest ever, and the largest Cinco and Fall Classic tournies we’ve ever had, our founder (Bill Sigler) got married, stepped down as CEO of Smack Sportswear (after 20 years), AND found out he;s having a baby boy in April/May 2015.  YES, we said an amazing 2014 !!

Well we are kicking off 2015 with a big bang, as we’ve partnered with Volleyball Ventures and will be adding 9 more Coed 4′s tournaments at the Hermosa Pier.  We are also adding tons of local sponsors who will donate prizes for these events, including Bionic Body, Soho Yoga, Paradise Bowls, The Deck, EST, Sylvio’s, Pedones, Sharkeez, and lots more.  The first event is 1/17 – the Winter Wonderland Coed 2′s and 4′s.

It’s gonna be an amazing year … So check out the NEW NEWSLETTER BELOW, and get on the beach !!