• When arrive on the beach, check-in with Chris or Bill
  • We will give you your court assignment, and court lines if you forgot yours
  • Every evening match is best of 3 … first 2 games are to 21, 3rd is to 15.
  • Rally scoring, meaning every point counts
  • We play indoor rules, so you can pass the serve with your hands
  • You are allows 3 touches after the block
  • EVERYONE MUST ROTATE …you cannot switch positions after the serve
  • A girl must touch the ball every time it comes to your side unless…
    1. The ball is within 3’ of the net and someone blocks or hits the ball back on 1
    2. If 2 guys touch and accidentally goes over and is a free ball, continue play
    3. If 2 guys touch and accidentally goes over and is a kill, other team gets point
    4. If 2 guys touch and intentionally go over, point for other team
  • Switch sides one time, when first team gets to either 11 or 8.
  • When done, winning team pulls up lines and reports score to Chris, Bill or Anna
  • Winning team gets Bud Light pitcher coupon, and everyone gets wristbands for Sharkeez!!!
  • Playoffs will be in week 8 – everyone makes playoffs but in 2 diff brackets – fun and comp.